We now ship worldwide! please note that orders from outside U.S.A. may suffer additional duty charges according to local custom regulation, while all U.S.A. orders are free of additional duty charges


All orders ship out of our warehouse in Los Angeles. We do our best to process and ship your order as fast as wind, usually 2-3 working days processing time. during holidays this can be slightly extended.

If your order has been placed during the weekend or on a holiday, we'll start processing your order on the following working day

After the order is processed by our team (allow us 2-3 working days) shipping will take approximately the following:

U.S.A. & Canada - 1-3 working days

EU countries - 5-7 working days

Australia - 7-10 working days

Russia & other countries - 7-10 working days

we work with the best forwarders partners worldwide to provide the best possible service! los angeles boot co cannot be responsible for unanticipated delays (e.g. strikes, customs procedures, etc.)

 Agree terms: orders from outside U.S.A. may suffer duty charges according to local custom regulation