About Us

The Los Angeles Boot Company was started when three Boot makers got together and saw something was missing in the world of boots - The majority of today's footwear is lacking in comfort, quality and style.  Yes, one has thousands of options to choose from when it comes to boots, but the sad truth is.. most of them are made for the lowest cost and in generic styles that wreak of cheap materials and even cheaper labor. 

Our goal with the Los Angeles Boot Company is to create a completely new concept with Boots - One that will not only re-invent how Boots are made, worn and felt, but create an iconic brand that shows the spirit of Los Angeles in styles that are completely unique to all of what Los Angeles has to offer.  

Styles that signify aspects of this city that no other boot can do.  We have big plans to create highly innovative designs that many may claims are decades ahead of our time. 

We create our shoes in small batches that are all made to order.  This allows us to give you significantly higher quality shoes where we don't have to spend on excess inventory and waist.  

About Our Shoe Construction:

Our shoe construction method is designed for the highest level of comfort and natural foot movement.  Where most modern shoes have evolved into something that restricts the foot and is closer to wearing a cast rather than a shoe, our shoes are made to fit like a glove - They are made to be extremely flexible, give your foot room to move and have a leather liner that feels ultra smooth like butter on your feet.  

Many say our fit is closer to that of a luxury leather slipper rather than a shoe and it's one that many of our customers have come to love and respect us for. 

Future Plans

Future plans for the Los Angeles Boot Co. are to continue to innovate the shoe with the key principals being: Comfort, highly inspired designs and shoes that promote natural foot movement. 

We have a lot of exciting designs and collaborations coming your way and we hope to have you on board.